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New Year! Better perspective to be inspired to lead and win

Winter is in full effect. The holidays tend to bring two converging trends, the joy of gifts and gatherings and the sadness of loneliness and loss. In the workplace, individuals are happy that they have achieved their goals and received financial recognition and promotion. While others have lost their jobs or fear to lose them because they haven’t been achieving. Individuals who are focused on succeeding should have another perspective of how to approach winter. Spend time reflecting to reposition yourself for the new year while getting rejuvenated for growth with these three key strategies.

There is the old saying, “When you know better, you do better.” We can go a step further and consider the six or nine perspectives. Take the time to solicit 360 feedback from all your stakeholders. Customers, managers, peers, subordinates, friends, and others you interact with can provide positive and corrective feedback. The key is to be open to the various perspectives and the information they share.