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Effective Transition

If you aspire to acquire more managerial skills, be promoted, delegate effectively or leave a position on good terms, you need to be able to complete a successful transition. Transition is not something that gets a lot of attention in school, executive training courses, etc., and yet it is essential to moving ahead and moving on. Here are my top five tips for an effective transition and a bonus tip for that situation where you are asked to train your replacement.

First, let me do away with the myth that being indispensable equals job security; indispensable equals stuck. We have all worked with that person who refuses to share information or who hoards the knowledge like it’s the Coca-Cola formula. DON’T BE THAT PERSON! We will call that person Ami (Ain’t moving inamillionyears). In addition to the fact that no one wants to work with Ami, she isn’t getting promoted because she has convinced everyone that no one can do her job except her. So guess what? No one ever will. Ami will stay right where she is until she becomes so unbearable that management figures out how to get the job done by someone else, outsources it or determines the pain of it not getting done is less than the pain of dealing with Ami. From the moment you get a position, you should be looking for the person who will replace you when you move up/out. If there isn’t anyone, it will be more difficult for you to move on.