• Overcoming Financial Fear and Anxiety

    Money is the currency of exchange and symbol of success in t

    Overcoming Financial Fear and Anxiety

    Money is the currency of exchange and symbol of success in today’s world and society. So much stress, thoughts and discussions revolve around money. I assure you that it might not bring happiness, but it definitely secures a peace of mind—well, to some extent. But how much is enough?

    Student loan payoffs seem to begin the first day of work. All of a sudden it’s important to save to buy a house, pay for daycare, save for healthcare, in case of emergencies, save for your kids’ college fund, as well as start building up retirement funds. When does it stop? It doesn’t. No matter how much money you make, there will always be the fear of not having enough. And, for those who make enough to live comfortably, there is a fear of losing it.

    Fear and anxiety about the future eats you up from inside. In either case, fear of not having enough or fear of losing it all, the issue is centered around our inability to control the unplanned events that trigger how much money will be needed on any given day. So, instead of asking ourselves, “How much do I need?” the real question is what tools do we have to manage a situation where more money is required?

  • Redefining Who We Are

    We make decisions every day and many things can drive them.

    Redefining Who We Are

    We make decisions every day and many things can drive them. They are mainly driven by fear, love, greed, generosity, anger or compassion. But in reality, many times, we question our decisions, which can lead to sleepless nights and indecisive feelings.

    Wouldn’t it be great to never look back and feel uncomfortable about all the decisions we have made? How could we do that in a world that is constantly changing, while simultaneously constantly changing ourselves?

    Our culture and society provide us with rules, which we choose to adhere to or not. Nonetheless, we create beliefs that then make up our point of view and drive our decisions and actions.

    Beyond that, an identical situation can appear “good or bad,” “right or wrong,” depending on which perspective we look at it from. What is the real constant here that we should base our decisions on? Each decision we make has a direct impact on our lives and environment. By looking at our environment and life, we can see where our decisions have taken us and then question, Is this who I want to be? Is this reflecting Who I Am? Is it conflicting with what I show that I am? Thus, every time I make a decision, I should really question: Will this reflect Who I Am?


    Diversity as a source of competitive advantage has long been


    Diversity as a source of competitive advantage has long been a strong belief of mine, and I could always tell if it was a belief of the corporate partners I was visiting. I would always see if I could feel the “Empowered Woman Factor.” If it was alive and well, the company would thrive.

    Over the years, in many instances, I was the only female in meetings. This changed significantly during my 20 years working in corporate America, and I was so happy it did. Why? Because I had the “Empowered Woman Factor.”

    You may ask—What is this phenomenon? Let me explain.

    The “Empowered Woman Factor” is a mindset. You can tell when a woman has it and when she does not The “Empowered Woman Factor” gives life to the individual and power to an organization. It is nirvana! There are characteristics of a woman who has the factor.

    By the way, when two or more women come together and they both have the “Empowered Woman Factor,” there is a special multiplier effect that is unleashed. 1+1=1,000, not 2. The positive ripple effect of a culture with women who “get it,” is exponential and everlasting. Here are some characteristics of females who have the “Empowered Woman Factor:”

    • • She knows collaboration, not competition, must be her mode of operation.
    • • She is comfortable in her own skin.
    • • She looks for and acknowledges the “good” in other females.
    • • She is not afraid to compliment and provide support to other females.
    • • She does not use “mean girl” tactics to incite fear in colleagues or subordinates.
    • • She knows helping or elevating another female does not diminish her value in any manner.
    • • She is neither consumed with nor proud of being “the only one.”
    • • She works diligently to establish a pipeline of talent so that the legacy of female leadership is not broken.
    • • She does not buy into “It’s lonely at the top.”
    • • She does not isolate herself.
    • • She knows when one female wins, all females win.

    Environments that foster the continued development of the “Empowered Woman Factor” will win in the marketplace. When sisterhood in the workplace is a way of life, profitability and productivity are positively impacted.

    When people are able to remove their masks, be vulnerable, open, honest and have trusting relationships with each other, the product that is delivered to customers and consumers is steeped in high quality and rooted in excellence.

    Take a moment to consider your current work environment. Do you know women who have the “Empowered Woman Factor?” Can you feel it?

  • Centering Yourself with Integrity

    We are born to “love.” However, growing up, society teac

    Centering Yourself with Integrity

    We are born to “love.” However, growing up, society teaches us we are here to succeed and make our mark. We play by the rules and convince ourselves that we are superior.

    While we have things to say and opinions to express, we get to a point where we do whatever it takes to become successful. We are sucked into a tornado and can’t get out of it. Everything around us, and all the people surrounding us, are here because we are the person we became in this society.

    But deep inside us, there is a hole—a black hole – a feeling of dissatisfaction that doesn’t wane. We are stuck. We became a person that is not who we truly are. We boarded up all the doors and windows, and all we see is a wall in front of us. No light. No oxygen. Just us with our own self lost in our “Tenebrae” that we built.

    It is not talked about because it is a sign of weakness, and in this world, there is no room for weakness. Only the strong survive. So we keep going and start doing things that can hurt others so we can stay successful. We forget our basic values. Even the most Important value that helps us to be aligned with ourselves and to live in accordance with our own original nature and who we really want to be. This is integrity.

    Integrity keeps us in check—in check with ourselves, our gut and our body, mind and spirit. It is the act of choosing courage over comfort. With that comes respect for ourselves and for others, which means we limit ourselves to what can be done with no harm to others. It means we choose to practice our values rather than professing them.

    Integrity brings this fundamental rule that is our guideline. We are so lost in the society game that we forget to respect our own boundaries. And, we owe these boundaries to ourselves. Having integrity is being able to not hide one’s reactions nor options. A true test of integrity is one’s own behavior when we are wrong.

    If we live in integrity and know we make the right decisions, then we are not dependent on anything outside of us. We feel at peace because we know we are doing the right things and saying the right words. We surround ourselves with the right people who share the same values—and not because we have a hidden agenda to be with these people. Only when we feel at peace can we feel joy and pride in who we are.