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Why Diversity is Cybersecurity’s Best Weapon

The moral case for diversity is obvious. Put simply, it is the ethical thing to do. But the business case for promoting workplace diversity is actually just as compelling, particularly when it concerns cybersecurity. Unfortunately, cybersecurity at present is not a very diverse field. And the latest figures show that it’s actually becoming less, rather than more, diverse. That must change if U.S. organizations hope to prevent, or at least mitigate, the endless stream of cyberattacks that are already underway.

Cybersecurity is a relatively new field. But with computers being ubiquitous and the Internet of Things ensuring that computers will only become more pervasive, cybersecurity has captured the attention and imagination of both heroes and villains. Unlike traditional force-protection and “hard” security measures, cybersecurity knows no borders, clocks or societal constraints. Attacks come from anywhere, anytime and from within any border. As a result, the types of attacks vary greatly based on many factors.

Those tasked with cyber defense tend to focus on more easily quantifiable qualifications like knowledge of hardware and technology. But to provide effective cyber defense, it would also be wise to consider more qualitative elements like gender, language, culture, age, economic background, and the host of other traits that define humanity.

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